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The single most important thing for any size Hotel is the Guest. Taking care of your customer is what is going to keep them coming back and keep your Hotel full. That same philosophy applies to AWHS as well. As you are our customer, it is our goal to take care of all of your hot water needs and establish a lasting relationship.


At AWHS we realize that what works for one Hotel will not always work for another. There are many factors that go in to installing a reliable Hot Water System in any size hotel. We understand that there isn’t a “One Size Fits All” system and we will work with the Hotel Staff, Contractor or Engineer to find what will best suit the needs of your guests.


AWHS will never oversell you.  All of our installations will be sized by the manufacturer according to the fixture count and need for hot water during business hours.  No matter what industry you serve, you get plenty of hot water all while SAVING your business money.


Maintenance is an important word that is often overlooked. With your water heating system most likely out of sight, that means out of mind. Of course until it isn’t working that is. Our goal with our customized maintenance plans is to prevent those kinds of moments. With regular maintenance on the water heater and the entire water heating system, you can be assured that your operations and employees always have hot water when the need it. Plus, because we use licensed plumbers, we are able to provide you with service to your entire plumbing system. From new fixture installations and repairs, to gas and water line issues, AWHS is your one stop shop to keep your guests happy.


There have been countless improvements to the energy efficiency of Commercial Water Heaters. The days of the “Fire Breathing Dragon” in the corner of a mechanical room are over. Would you believe you can now supply your entire facility or office complex with unlimited hot water using a commercial tankless system? Let AWHS come show you the many changes that have been made and how these new systems can save your company money year after year.


We have met many hotel owners who have been left stranded by a company who installed their water heater but can’t service it. At AWHS we know that issues arise, and service is needed to keep your system operational. AWHS is a “Commercial Service Provider” for ALL of the leading Commercial Water heater Manufacturers. This guarantees that we will not only give you a quality installation, but we also have the knowledge and equipment to diagnose and repair your heater for years to come.


Even the most efficient water heater on the market can be rendered useless if the entire system is not operating properly. A small recirculating pump not properly setup can cause your heaters to run when they are not needed. A faulty Tempering valve can be causing them to operate more frequently as well. Even the way in which the heaters are piped together can affect the operation of the system. All of these and more can and will waste energy which is costing you money every day and night. Our technicians at AWHS are trained not only on water heaters themselves, but also to check your entire system for these energy killers, notify you and arrange repairs with you.


AWHS knows that time is of the essence if and when a water heater start to leak or breaks down. As part of our goal to keep things running smoothly we strongly suggest having a plan in place. An AWHS technician can do a site visit to record what system(s) you have in place, size your hotel for replacement, note any other equipment in room that is malfunctioning or needs attention, and make a material list. We will then send you a written estimate of the options we have come up with for you to keep on file. In the event there is a sudden emergency you can make your decision quickly, and we can gather our materials. All of this is done at NO CHARGE to you! Call us today to schedule!

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