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Full Service Plumbing

Not only do we specialize in water heaters, but with our technicians being licensed plumbers, there isn’t anything we can’t handle. Maybe you would like to do a bathroom or kitchen remodel. Maybe you have decided to add that bathroom and bar area in the basement. Perhaps it is time to add that fire pit or gas grill. Our technicians have the knowledge and skills to install and service water lines, gas lines, drain lines and everything in between. IF you need help with a complete remodel or addition, we have several referral options for local, trusted contractors that we work with.

Water Softeners

We at AWHS know that you want to protect your investments. With a High quality water softener from AWHS you will be doing just that. We offer and install Avid Water Softeners. Manufactured in Northern Indiana, Avid backs up their quality products with outstanding warranties and customer support. Whether you need a standard, High Efficiency, Compact or countless other products they offer, AWHS and our licensed plumbers are here to make sure these products are installed correctly.


Yes your new water heater installation is working great, but maybe that didn’t solve the wait time to get hot water where you need. Again our AWHS technicians can help solve this problem as well. With the installation of a recirculating pump your wait time is virtually eliminated. Even if you don’t have a dedicated return line there are products available to get around this. Let our technicians show you how you can save time, water and MONEY with a recirculating system.


Now that you have decided to make the investment in a new water heater or any other plumbing product, it’s time to think about protection. Did you know that too high of water pressure is dangerous to not only your fixtures but to all of the water lines and fittings in your home. The installation of a Pressure Reducing Valve can eliminate this. Also the installations of thermal expansion valve and tanks can help extend the life of your water heater and plumbing system as well. It may sound overwhelming but our AWHS licensed plumbers are here to bring you that peace of mind you are looking for. Contact us today and see what AWHS can do for you.

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